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5 Healthy Habits Every Mother Should Teach Her Child

You pass down more than your genes to your kids. The young ones pick up your daily habits as well – whether they’re good or bad. Knowing this, you have to be more mindful about your actions and think about the good habits you want your little ones to carry in their everyday lives, even during their adult life. The earlier they learn these good and healthy habits, the more these will resonate and stay with them!

Here are some healthy habits every mother should teach her little one:

Healthy eating is happy living

Teaching your little one to eat healthy and to help him grow fond of fruits and vegetables early on will prove to be very beneficial throughout his life. It’s like the saying that goes, “you are what you eat” – if your body is healthy and happy, you will be, too.

Take the extra step of preparing nutritious, colourful meals for your little one. It doesn’t have to be every meal and the occasional sweet treat is encouraged, but what matters is that he can and will eat most fruits and vegetables.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Talking about eating, it’s important that kids know that breakfast should never be skipped. This is especially true for school-age children. Having a good, nutritious breakfast will help kick-start their brain and energy levels, much needed for a day of work and play!

Drink plenty of water

If you remember, your parents would always tell you this when you were younger – to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water is a vital resource that keeps the body functioning well. Kids are naturally attracted to sugar, so even if they have a glass of chocolate milk, fruit juice or soda a day, just make sure they’re consuming sufficient water!

Check food labels

It’s true that life needs to be lived to the fullest – you should be able to do what you want and eat what you want. However, while you’re still in control of what your child eats, it’s important to teach him the value of health.

He can eat whatever he wants when he grows up, but should always have his health as a top priority. Teach him early on about the importance of checking food nutrition labels – focus on the calories, saturated fats and sugar.

Have family dinners

One of the most important aspects of health is mental health, one that you should also actively nurture in your child. Teaching him about the value of family through the simple act of eating dinner together every day goes a long way.

This strengthens family bond and studies show that kids become more well-adjusted and are more likely to eat healthy!

Instill these 5 healthy habits to your little one the earliest you can!

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