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Why do the people in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, Russia live exceptionally long lives (often over 100 years old)? They live at a higher altitude and where the air is fresher and cleaner and they live on food high in proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

Here are some of the reasons for their longevity.

o Happier family life, they get respect extended to them by the younger generation.

o Healthy diet

o Exercise (In their instance – horse riding)

o A daily self-purification process which gives them much enjoyment and zest for being alive. This self-purification is a way to make your peace, by meditating and releasing any negative thoughts such as being bitter, jealous, hate etc.

o Arguments are avoided and problems resolved through talking them out. No-one harbours “hard feelings”.

Unfortunately, we do not live in pristine areas such as the people in Georgia do and we do not have the same conditions, their crops are grown in naturally rich soils, are harvested at the right time and free of sprayed chemicals.

In our food much nutrition is lost through transfer, handling and storage in grocery stores and markets.

For many years we have been led to believe that we are consuming foods that have nutritional values for our health and wellbeing, so why aren’t we disease free? Depriving the human body of the necessary nutrients for remaining healthy and disease free can explain why some diseases are prevalent in our society today.

Take cancer for instance! These cells rob neighbouring normal cells of their essential nutrients, causing a severe wasting away of the human body – it is left with nothing to fight with. The system is deprived of the necessary nutrients to fight against disease and disorders.

Can these conditions be avoided through a healthy diet and the addition of vitamins and other supplements? Yet people tell me they have a good diet. That depends on what a good diet is! Because, why in the world do people get sick, if they are on such a good diet! Even if the cause of illness is hereditary a healthy diet, should be adequate prevention or, at least, help in the fight for recovery.

We don’t have the benefits that the people of Georgia, enjoy, but by making the effort and introducing some of their lifestyle, we may greatly benefit in the long term.

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