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Ancient Truths Reveal Means of Immunity and Vibrant Mental Health

The world is trying desperately at present to counter the spread of coronavirus – the invasion and spread of foreign antigens into the body system from the outside world. And to this end, great breakthroughs have indeed been achieved scientifically, particularly in producing a COVID vaccine.

The amazing truth is, though, there already exists within each of us, miraculous immune boosting faculties which are 100% effective, completely safe for all age groups and available for free.

Therefore, like the honey bee working for the hive, we need to be more proactive in accumulating more of this freely available health Nectar from within — a Nectar formulated specifically by Nature to protect our own body-hive and mental stability.

In tangent with WHO guidelines, this article presents ancient wisdom on how this natural means of fortifying the body’s overall immunity and mental health, can be attained. How protection from a disease-attracting consciousness can be established and maintained. A parallel means of resolving the pandemic holistically

Need of Decoding Aged Texts

To present this ancient means, of countering coronavirus and mental health, it’s necessary to decode some aged texts: texts which inform of the immunity-providing Nectar, not only for coronavirus but much more, as we shall see.

In simple language, then, with regard to this current pandemic, let us establish in mind just what the two following health-providing scriptures are relating to.

While not referring directly to coronavirus, Genesis 12-1 is clearly referring to the miraculous Nectar Place where all our preventative Honey can be harnessed and stored for health assimilation. How overall health preservation can be ours by a simple application of mind.

Milk and Honey

Genesis 12-1 NIV states: “The LORD said unto Abram: go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you”.

Genesis 12-7 ESV states: “To your offspring I will give this land”.

Genesis is referring to coming upon the ‘milk and honey on the other side’ – the Promised Land – a renascence of consciousness which will reveal new standards of physical health, mental preservation and awareness, while also reducing the cellular ageing process.

Let us demystify what exactly ‘Promised Land’ means. Let us discover just where exactly this Promised Land faculty is, and, more importantly, how we can each get there practically and naturally.

When these two scriptures are studied from the non-literal perspective, amazingly we come upon the innately present means of halting the invasion and spread of coronavirus non-pharmaceutically.

To this end, the ‘Jews’ in Genesis 12 were commanded to occupy a metaphorical land, a land which lies within each of us. In other words, the biblical scribe is informing us to make conscious contact with a Perfect Nectar, which, for some, can remain unconscious and veiled through closed minds and spiritual ignorance.

Let us clarify this vital term ‘Jew’. The term ‘Jew’ mentioned in Genesis, is NOT referring to Jewish people, its nation or its landmass. No. The term ‘Jew’ in Bible language is referring to one focussed inwardly on spiritual matters. A soul set on coming upon their own indwelling Christ, the Miracle Seed awaiting pollination unto consciousness by inward means. In other words, ‘Jew’ is a meditator, one awakening unto our own spiritual heart and mind by inner means.

From here we can gather, that the place Abram was instructed to travel to with his people – people meaning his thoughts — is within and, to this end, that he surrender all mental anxiety and struggle. The land Abram is commanded to travel to is deep within one’s Higher consciousness, a state which is always at peace, healthy and Perfect.

‘Land’ in the Bible means consciousness. And Promised Land means, Potential of Higher Consciousness, Higher Intelligence awaiting inner Birth.

Offspring — A Renascence of Consciousness

Abram’s ‘offspring’ represent the manifestations of a transformed consciousness consequent of entering into our own consciousness: sprouting-place of the Christ Seed. Spiritual ‘Offspring’ thus is consequent of inner awakening, offspring to include overall mental/physical health and viral protection.

Abraham, regarded here as the father of faith, means that we must each ‘father’ our own spiritual health-faith by renascence of consciousness: mind realizing its own latent creative health faculties.

Prior to transformational awakening, Abram – symbolism for you/me — was Pagan, meaning non-Jewish, or, heathen. In other words, an outward materially focussed soul as opposed to inwardly – a Jew.

Once embarked upon a daily meditation program, we each qualify as biblical ‘Jew’.

Abram to Abraham

We’re reminded in Genesis, that Abram’s name was changed to Abraham. In terms of renascence of consciousness, this name change is significant, for, the term-word ‘Name’ biblically translates Nature. In other words, our consciousness becomes re-Named, re-Natured unto cosmic standard.

Similar to the most sacred of mantra sounds, A-U-M, this re-Named status, of Abram becoming Abraham, contains three vibrational syllables: AB-RA-HAM, signifying Abram becoming vibrational Ab-Ra-Ham in consciousness through meditational transcendence via a mantra.

Regards coronavirus, re-naming amounts to rejuvenation of a disease-attracting consciousness to preventative standard — an optimally functioning immune system. At this level of consciousness, the entire nervous system and brain / physiology function in Higher Cosmic Harmony. The body-system is now producing white blood cells, securing an abundance of antibodies, Lymphocytes or immune cells, the warriors defending against foreign antigen attack.

Perfect Health — our Intended nature

Similar to metaphorical Abram being chosen by God, we too are already chosen from birth. We’re each inner designed to produce divine standard, create health-inducing cells and longevity into the body temple. Awaken the means whereby the mind-body function synergistically to nourish and heal each other, heal our thoughts, create cellular immunity and mental well-being.

Perfect health is our intended nature. Any standard below this level can sometimes be of our own making through ignorance and misunderstand of how our mind and thoughts operate under the law of cause and effect.

Endocrine system

The faculties for achieving perfect health — divine Will – are through a healthily functioning endocrine system — the energy or chakra centres through which universal healing energy travel. And while the universal Life-Force is already perfect, ultimately, individually, it’s we who choose to awaken the endocrine system full blast, awaken unto our spiritual heart and mind.

Consequent of generational ignorance, perpetuated by daily soul-destroying anxiety conditioning, these energy centres are veiled and closed initially at birth.

The difference between a non-spiritually awakened endocrine system — meaning spiritually asleep — is the difference between Mains and battery – one, exhaustible and imperfect, the other Inexhaustible, eternal, and Perfect.

So, where exactly is this miraculous Promised Land which Abram and the Jews — the inward seekers — were commanded to occupy? – ‘command’ meaning ‘divine intuition or cosmic prompt’ and ‘occupy’ meaning, establish in consciousness.

Pineal Gland and Kundalini

Journeying to the mythical Promised Land initially is through the pineal gland located between the eyebrows in the middle of the brain. When the eyes are closed in meditation, they automatically converge at this point. From here — on repeated daily recitation of our vibrational mantra — the pineal triggers the base chakra leading to kundalini awakening for its upward spiritual journey to the brain, which upward journey, like sap rising up the tree trunk, in turn leads to awakening of the entire endocrine system.

Here we should observe, that, the tree’s root itself does not contain or produce the sap. Rather, when nourished, the root draws sap from outside itself and merely distributes this vital growth energy to the entire tree. Such is what happens in meditation: the mind draws transformative Life energy into itself from Eternal Being, and distributes this energy throughout the entire body through the agency of kundalini cosmic energy.

Unnatural Stress Accumulation

With stress responsible for almost 90% of all ill-health, thus kundalini activity in the body is vital in dissolving harmful stress accumulation, both mental and physical, thereby reducing or eliminating proliferation of underlying health conditions at this pertinent coronavirus time.

Practically speaking, thus, immunity is carried on by means of the body’s ability to produce white blood cells known as antibodies or T-cells, released in the thymus gland on maturity. These mature cells are then stored in the body, ready to defend the entire physiology against foreign antigen attack, such as coronavirus, should the need arise.

Meditation ensures ample supply of these vital physiology-preserving Lymphocytes or immune cells, plus youth-preserving Growth Hormones.

Abram Sacrificing Animals?

The animal sacrifices which Abram was called upon to make are in the brain -the Alter –and ere NOT real animals. ‘Animals’ in scripture symbolize the own lower ego, or carnal desires, the accumulation of embedded non-soul, non-health serving karmic patterns.

Because they weaken the immune system, It’s these lower-ego stress-filled thought patterns which are sacrificed in meditation. They become integrated on the Alter of inner Silence, crucifixion means of lower-ego.

To qualify this point more solidly, let us evaluate what Jesus said regards lower-ego:

“Where I go you cannot go, but I go before you to prepare a place for you” John 13-33 and 14-3.

Meaning, during transcendence in meditation, higher ‘I’ nature purifies or neutralizes all unwitting transgression such as lower karmic patterns, thus preparing the consciousness for expression of divine standard, both within and without – also termed Forgiveness or Grace. These carnal mind-sets cannot enter the Promised Land, the Kingdom of Heaven, thus the need of their integration through meditation.

The place where ‘I goes’ is precisely where our Higher-Self or Christ resides. It equates to the ‘Promises of Christ’ or Promised Land – Potential of Higher-Self Consciousness.

Genesis Reference to Meditation

To qualify further the practice of meditation — of Abram being re-Natured to Abraham — we’re reminded in Genesis: 15-12 KJV —

“And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and lo, a horror of great darkness fell upon him”.

What does ‘deep sleep’ and ‘great darkness’ mean?

As we know, the sun sets in the west. Biblically this is symbolism for the left analytical brain closing down. And a “deep sleep fell upon Abram. ‘Sleep’ in scripture translates ‘trance’ – meditational trance. Thus, sunset is needed to make way for sunrise, meaning, making way for light – divine intelligence — coming from the east or, entering through right-side brain – the spiritual side, the ‘Milk and Honey’ side. ‘Darkness’ is best interpreted as deep inner peace, utter silence; the mental silence, or sunset, which precedes the dawn of spiritual light in the east – the right-side brain.

Jacob Seeing ‘the Face of God’

Finally, to clarify pineal gland activity allegorically, we’re reminded that biblical ‘Jacob’ — meaning one still seeking a spiritual standard of consciousness — saw the face of God at the pineal [gland]. This ‘seeing’, means perceiving through a spiritual Heart and not ‘world’ eyes seeing a physical face, thus qualifying Jacob to be re-Named or re-Natured, by God to ‘Israel’ – Israel meaning cosmically awakened soul.

Similar to Abram and Jacob, we’re each called — particularly during this pandemic period — to a renascence of consciousness: awakening unto the latent health-producing faculties which alone can produce disease-free status of mind, body, spirit. When our consciousness, immune system and entire physiology and mental functioning align mutually and harmoniously under the aegis of eternal cosmic standard.—Ancient-Secrets-of-Immunity-and-Health-Preservation&id=10286557

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