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Astral Body Anatomy – Understanding the Astral Body’s Ethereal Physiology

I suppose it sounds odd to describe the astral physique in terms of physiology but the astral body does actually have an anatomy though it is quite different from the human anatomy. In this article I’ll confine my discussion to only the astral body physiology but your ethereal form does have some amazing abilities and talents that I will only briefly address today.

The Astral Body’s Substance

The anatomical muscles, bone, skin, organs and flesh of your astral body are made of ethereal plasma. When this highly flexible material is in its normal state, it is of a silvery color and it glows emitting a white light of variable intensity.

Think of the comic book hero Silver Surfer to get the idea or I suppose you could better compare the astral build to a luminous glob of hot wax drifting and undulating in a lava lamp. However, the plasma skin of your astral body is able to change colors and textures as a chameleon but the change is of far higher quality than a chameleon. The astral body can also transform itself in form, size, and appearance, like a mythical doppelganger or a shape shifter.

Your Astral Physique

You astral body’s only natural limbs are silvery cords that extend outwards in all directions. Visualize a spiny sea urchin made of a glowing silvery flowing metal but with the spines of many assorted thicknesses and each spine extending out until it vanishes into the distance. However with that said, remember that our astral bodies also have the innate ability to alter itself so it can appear not to have the silver cords and it can appear to have a humanoid body shape at will.

In order to help you to visualize the astral form in its natural state, I want you to put a lava light into your mind’s eye. Instead of the being orange or purple, the semi-liquid wax inside the hot lamp is silver and it seems more like molten metal. But to make your mental image more accurate as to what the astral body looks like, you need to add another feature.

Have you ever seen a plasma ball either in a science exhibit or as a funky lamp? Well, overlay the image of a plasma ball over top of the lava lamp’s molten wax and make it all part of the same entity that is glowing silver. That’s what your astral physique looks like when it is not actively trying to appear as something else.

Luminescence of the Astral Body

The astral body is silvery white in color but the light it emits is of the purest white. The astral entity itself glows white and the same white light emanated from any limb that the astral body protrudes. The intensity of the white light is variable and when the light emitted grows more intense, the ethereal body itself becomes more white than silvery up to the point where the astral body’s substance appears to be made of just white light.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a white light being associated with a death experience and you’ve likely heard of people in a near death experience wanting to ‘step into the white light’. In fact the white light they are stepping into is their own astral entity that is at its maximum luminosity when a person is crossing over the cusp of death.

Exceptional Astral Abilities

The astral body is a wonderful vehicle for exploring the ethereal realities. It is essentially weightless, highly maneuverable and absolutely flexible to mold into whatever form the astral traveler wishes. The ethereal physique also has some amazing additional abilities.

Like the hot wax glob in a lava lamp, your astral plasma entity can subdivide itself into several and make each portion appear different. To enjoy astral sex for example, the astral body can split into two and make the other half male or female as appropriate. I suspect that when a guy tells of encountering a sex demon, it has most likely been a case of the astral substance forming the desired sex partner out of its own astral plasma.

As in making a surrogate other gender self for astral sex, the astral physique can also grow and detach demons. And I’ve never seen an actual self-aware demon anywhere in astral space or even the afterlife. All the ‘demons’ I’ve encountered have been created entities that my astral body has extruded and injected a semblance of intellect into, or one that another soul’s astral physique has birthed.

Astral Reproduction

You know that plants produce offspring with seeds but did you also know that some trees like the poplar have another method of producing saplings. The root of an older poplar tree will ‘sucker up’ many new trees. But these saplings are not made of new genetic material like a tree born from a fertilized seed would be. New astral souls and their corresponding astral physical selves are like a bud growing from the tendril roots that connect other astral beings.

Well, I’ve pretty much given an overview of the astral body physique. I can see that I have some more articles to write that can expand on the various aspects of our ethereal and eternal anatomy.

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