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Astral Body Fitness – Your Astral Body Will Be Strong on The Ethereal Plane

This is a somewhat difficult article to write because many potential readers may not even really understand what their astral body is. Why should someone care to keep their immortal body in top shape when most don’t even believe they have an ethereal form. Oh well. Here goes anyways.

Similar to the way your physical body requires good nutrition and exercise to remain fit, so does the spiritual you. Prayer and meditation serve to strengthen and maintain the ethereal intellect but astral realm actions like projecting, karma transferring, telekinesis, astral plane aerobics and astral sex are needed to give the immortal body the workout it needs to be strong and vital.

Astral Projecting – Obviously when a person leaves their physical body to go astral traveling, they will be naturally exercising the ethereal body. This article does not intend to tell you how to astral project: there are many other articles dedicated to that subject. However, I will say that if you are unsuccessfully trying to astral project then it may be partially due to your astral body being sadly out of shape. If you start exercising your astral body with other methods then you may find your astral projecting attempts meet with future success.

Karma Transferring – Karma is an amazing commodity that I could devote dozens of articles to and I would still have only scratched the karmic surface. The actual substance of karma has a weight that is felt both in life and in the astral realm. If you were to shovel dirt from a hole onto a pile, your muscles would become stronger for the effort. Your astral body also becomes more powerful when you move karma from one recipient to another. Damn! I would need a full article just to fully describe this one aspect of karma but I want this to be only a general interest piece.

Telekinesis – Most people who fail at telekinesis do so only because they don’t accurately understand what they are trying to move. Think about Yoda trying to teach Luke how to use the force to move objects. He said ‘feel the force’. When you know that every material object in the physical universe is a manifestation of karma then you realize that to move a body by telekinesis, you have to shift the item’s corresponding ethereal mass in astral space. Obviously, telekinesis is a strenuous afterlife body workout.

Astral Plane Aerobics – Aerobic exercise is also termed as cardiovascular fitness or it is just called cardio for short. But for the astral fitness novice, let’s boil it down to the very root. Aerobic is movement – period. Astral plane aerobics is simply moving your ethereal body within the non-physical realm. You are always in your astral body and your ethereal body is always within you too. You can be sweating hard on a treadmill but your astral body is still curled up inside you like a sloth. Conversely, your immortal physique might be moving karma like a bull on the astral plane while your prime material form is being a couch potato.

Astral Sex – Okay, I will confess. I saved up my best words and descriptions for the amazing topic of celestial sexuality. Even moving a mountain of karma cannot hold an Akashic candle to the celestial calories burned in the act of astral sex. If you want your astral body to be in excellent shape then you want to try out astral sex.

Before you start worrying about this – astral sex differs from physical sex in as many ways as it compares – and more. Astral intercourse only rarely has any physical manifestations. One of the few would be nocturnal emissions and solo night orgasms.

Unless it is a rape, physical sex involves consenting persons. Astral sex involves your astral body interacting with a manifestation of your own good karma. On a rare occasion, your astral sex might be between your astral body and the astral projected body of another soul but it is impossible this could ever be anything but a product of mutual consent. Astral rape or molestation is not possible – ever.

To try astral sex, you do not have to be able to astral project. But after you’ve engaged in astral sex, it is much more likely that you will be able to astral project because your astral body will be much stronger than it was before.

But this article isn’t actually aimed at teaching you how to accomplish astral sex either so I will wrap up here with a reiteration of my original statement. Similar to the way your physical body requires exercise to remain fit, so does your astral body need a fitness regimen to stay vital. But here is a kicker – a strong and healthy astral body could ultimately transform your physical body and that might even grant you eternal youthfulness.

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