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Cherry Blossom Affirmation to Uplift and to Experience the Awe and Wonder of Life

Every, single flower uplifts, and each variety and color of flower offers its own, unique take on loving, uplifting energy — each one is perfectly designed to turbo-charge an affirmation.

Cherry blossoms are so glorious and ethereal. They are almost other-wordly in their beauty. In certain conditions, the pale pink petals of the delicate blossoms can seem to merge with the sky. Other times, the profusion of fallen petals can seem like a pale pink snowfall on the ground beneath the trees.

Cherry blossoms inspire awe and wonder. Their energy reminds us of the inherent beauty everywhere in the world. We can frequently feel these same feelings of awe and wonder if we are allow ourselves to be open to being awed by life. The energy of the cherry blossoms can help us.

People are naturally drawn to cherry blossoms; they are magnetic in their appeal. An outstanding example of that energy is reflected in the One Million visitors who currently visit the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., during the Cherry Blossom Festival each spring.

If you encounter a blooming cherry tree, I highly recommend sitting under it and looking up at the sky through its petals. If you are feeling down, you can imagine doing so, and you are sure to feel uplifted.

A positive Cherry Blossom Flower Affirmation:

Just as I am inspired by the cherry blossoms so am I inspired and awe-struck each day by the Wonders of Life all around me! I feel the awe and wonder and glory of it!

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