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Colon Cleansing and Healthy Hair

Colon cleansing and healthy hair are not concepts that often go together in people’s minds. But they do! A clean colon is probably the best way of ensuring a good supply of pure blood that enables healthy hair to grow. Since your colon affects the state of your overall health, this includes the health of your hair. A woman’s glory is her hair, and she will want to ensure that it is healthy hair, and this can be facilitated by having a clean colon.

What we eat very often determines the level of health that we enjoy. But for many people, what goes in stays in – it just does not get away! Junk of all types is stored in one important organ of the body – the colon. This causes it to have to work harder to eliminate this toxic waste. However, an improperly functioning colon affects every part of our health, including the condition of our hair, so it is of utmost importance that we look after our colon.

Now, when food lies in the colon for longer than is good, it begins to rot, or putrefy. And what is rotting food doing to your body? It is poisoning it! Rather than being able to extract all the nutrients from the food, it is incapable of doing so. The result is that the body discovers these poisons passing into the bloodstream through the wall of the colon, and this poison-bearing blood circulates around the body. Now imagine the negative effect this has on your general health, and therefore on the condition of your hair. Obviously, the condition of your skin will also suffer. This auto-intoxication can lead to very serious health problems, which leaves concerns over your hair condition in the shadow. But that’s a discussion for another day!

The single most important step you can take to take charge of your health is to get a good colon cleanse. As well as improving the general state of your health, it will bring about significant improvement in the condition of your hair. The fact of the matter is that good health starts from the inside. When we see nice shiny hair and clear skin, we say that that individual is in ‘good health.’ Exactly. What you see on the outside is a reflection of what is going on in the inside. So beauty is much more than ‘skin deep.’

Remember, we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made,’ so much so that our body can actually heal itself, given the correct conditions. The human body is truly amazing and its healing capabilities are awe-inspiring. When it gets the proper cleaning-out of both colon and liver, it will be jump-started to go into healing mode, and you will know the difference in no time at all.

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