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Color Healing Pioneer – Edwin Dwight Babbitt

All the great researchers in the field of Light such as Newton, Wollaston, Fraunhofer, Kirchoff, Bursen and others only studied the physical phenomena of Light. They paid no attention to the power or healing properties of Light in relation to the human body.

Edwin Dwight Babbitt was the first man to become interested from the this scientific standpoint.

He had his Science Hall at 141 Eight Street New York City. In 1876, during the Centennial of the United States, he announced his “Discovery of the Form and Constitution of Atoms.” He showed how they worked in connection to Ethereal Forces to produce the effects of heat, cold, electricity, magnetism, chemical action, light and color.

In 1878, he wrote his book, “The Principles of Light and Color.” He said that there was no science what ever, excepting Pure Mathematics that reaches down to basic principles. He said it was time that the wonderful world of Light and Color, which is invisible to the human eye, be made known. Thereby many of the mysteries of Nature and human Life will be cleared up.

The book enraged the Medical doctors. They refused to believe that Light and Color can have any effect on the Human Body.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, General Augustus James Pleasonton published his book “Blue and Sunlights.” He contended that alternating ordinary transparent glass with Blue glass, would grow more grapes than under normal conditions.

Both Babbitt and Pleasonton were ridiculed and laughed at by the medical community. But none of the “laughers” investigated their claims to see if in fact they were true.

I did. I use color everyday in my life. I have blue color filters that I place around my quart size mason jar. Then I out it out in the sun all day. In the evening I take it in, place in refrigerator to cool. Then I drink a glass f “blue” water before bed and one again in the morning.

I also do it with green. Have you ever wondered why the creator gave us so much green and blue to look at every day? If just looking at the color green and blue can calm you and help heal you, just think what drinking it can do.

The Scientific American of New York wrote strongly against Pleasonton, calling it the “Blue Glass Craze.” They were never given the chance to demonstrate their Scientific principles.

Babbitt had chapters in his book on: Chromo-Chemistry, Chromo-Therapeutics, Chromopathy, Chromo-Culture of Vegetable Life, Chromo-Philosophy, Chromo-Dynamics of Higher Grade Lights and Color, and Chromo-Mentalism.

Chrom-mentalism is very interesting. Now that the Laws of Quantum Physics have told us that thoughts are things, just thinking about healing colors can help.

Each of Babbitt’s chapters is a masterpiece of deep thinking. But even with all this, it was not enough to awaken scientists into the use of Light and Color for healing purposes.

Babbitt died broken hearted and poor. Here is another pioneer destroyed by the entrenched, dogmatic Medical Society.

Another Medical Doctor who published a book in 1877, on “Blue and Red Light.” or “Light and it’s Rays as Medicine.” was ostracized also. He was a very prominent physician who took an interest in the Higher Forces of Nature for healing. It did not matter, he thought outside the box and ws penalized for it.

Five years before the publication of Edwin Dwight Babbitt’s memorable volume, Dinshah P. Ghadiali was born in Bombay India, Friday, November 28, 1873. He gave the world his Scientifically proven methodology of Color Healing. His work is called Spectro-Chrome Metry.
I have all 12 of his color filters and I use them daily as a maintenance program against ill health. The deeper purples and magentas have a marvelous healing affect on stressed emotions.
Go to the net and research Babbitt, Dinshah and color healing in general.

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