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Energy Healing – Angelic Light Weaving

Angelic Light Weaving is an energy smoothing modality which seeks to cleanse, balance and harmonize the subtle energies in and around the physical body and the Auric Energy Field. Angelic Light Weaving is practiced with gentle sweeping movements within and around the physical body, opening the Crown Chakra allowing Divine Source Energy to flow gently through your entire Be-ing. It is free-flowing compassionate, high-frequency energy aligning all major and minor Chakra energy centers within the physical and Ethereal Bodies.

Subtle Angelic Realm energy is easily integrated with more traditional medical and therapeutic treatments, techniques or Medical protocols. As the physical body becomes relaxed, releasing stress and reducing pain, a person receiving an energy healing treatment may experience a sense of peace and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

Angelic Realm Energy encourages us to see people and situations from a more loving perspective, promoting compassion for the Self and those around us.

Our energy fields are a mirror of our physical bodies. Everything the physical body experiences’ is also manifested in the energy field surrounding us physically. As the physical body releases stored tension, the Auric Energy Field becomes lighter and brighter.

Energy is a part of everyone and everything. Life-force energy nourishes the organs and cells of the physical body as well as the energy around us. During times of stress or dis-harmony, the free flow of life-force energy is disrupted causing one to feel sluggish and dis-connected from Divine Source Energy, Creator of All That Is.

All forms of energy are the result of thought, action, the spoken word or emotion, whether positive or negative. Negative thoughts, actions or emotions cause blockages, restricting the free-flow of positive life-force energy. Negative energy particles become trapped or collect in the Ethereal Energy Field, weighing the physical body and diminishing the natural flow of our innate ability to heal ourselves.

Angelic Light Weaving is the channeling of positive energy from Divine Source, flowing to and through all parts of the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies and the Auric Energy Field. Angelic Light seeks to balance, cleanse and re-align energy centers in all energy bodies to include the Auric and Etheric Energy Fields augmenting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Angelic Realm Energy does not originate with the Light Weaver; it is channeled energy from Divine Source through the Crown Chakra, flowing out of the Practitioner’s hands. Each time the Light Weaver practices, or shares Angelic Energy, both the client and the Light Weaver experience Angelic Light throughout their entire being. An energy healing treatment relaxes and raises the energy vibration or frequency of both the person receiving and sharing Angelic Light, enhancing a sense of well-being both during and after a healing session.

Anyone and everyone can receive an Angelic Light Weaving energy treatment. If you are under a Physician’s care, it is highly suggested you consult with your primary care Physician prior to starting any alternative healing practice. Energy Healing is not intended to replace sound judgment or timely Medical Care. It has been known to augment Medical Care, promoting well-being, enhancing the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Angelic Light Weaving assists in reducing pain, stress, and promoting relaxation. As with all alternative energy healing modalities, the effectiveness varies from person to person.

Anyone who desires to learn to channel Angelic Light has the ability to become a Practitioner. This energy healing modality does not require years of study; nor does it require a person to meditate, although practicing meditation enhances the overall learning experience. Increased levels of intuition, inner sight significantly enhance a Light Weaver’s ability to create an open and clear channel with thee Angelic Realm.

It is a straight forward, easy to learn technique passed from teacher to student. A student may begin practicing the sharing of Angelic Light on themselves and others immediately after receiving his or her Attunement from an Angelic Light Weaving Master / Teacher. As you practice on yourself and others, energy healing enhances your self-esteem, expanding your connection with Divine Source Energy, instilling a sense of empowerment.

Teaching Angelic Light Weaving to all who seek a more balanced way of life enables me to share the gift of assisting everyone in opening their Third Eye Chakra, their inner sight, developing a purer connection to Divine Source Energy. The gentle, subtle energy healing modality assists Practitioner and student alike with cleansing, balancing and re-harmonizing their physical body and Auric Energy Field, which in turn raises the vibration of Earth Mother.

One of the many facets I love about Angelic Light Weaving is the sense of peace and harmony Angelic Realm Energy promotes to all who receive and share Light from thee Angelic Realm.

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