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Feng Shui’s Close Relative: Nine Star Ki

Nine Star Ki,( pronounced like “key”), is also written numerically as 9 Star Ki. “Ki” is synonymous to the Chinese word “qi” which is pronounced like “chee” and defines an ethereal type of energy which pervades time and space. In formal training, different manifestations are referred to as Heaven Qi, Man Qi and Earth Qi.

Within a Nine Star Ki analysis, we can better understand a person’s temperament, character, personality, as well as their potential strengths and weaknesses. We can predict how the person may relate to others in personal or professional relationships and how that person may be best suited, to utilize their talents in the world.

We can have a good idea of what a person’s constitutional health may be like and the unique challenges they may encounter if they lead an unbalanced or stressful lifestyle.

Nine Star Ki comes from the same origins as Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics, as a whole. This means that it is several thousands of years old, at least, in the hands of the Chinese. Notable Japanese masters further developed this practice and that is how it later became known as a Japanese divination art.

On the surface, and for lack of something conventionally known to compare it to, Nine Star Ki initially appears to be a type of astrology, since we are coming to conclusions about a person based on their birth data. Each person goes through their own repeating 9 Year cycles, within larger worldly cycles. Aspects of Yin-Yang Theory and the Five Elements from Chinese metaphysics come into play in many of the applications for better understanding our place in time. Each person goes through monthly and daily cycles, which are the microcosm compared to the macrocosm which allows us to use Nine Star Ki to also predict global trends in weather, politics, natural and man-made events.

Even Western science now acknowledges the predictable distinctions between people born in different seasons or time of day. Nine Star Ki takes it to a very sophisticated level in the same way that Feng Shui examines how much we are a product of our environment, in non-obvious and striking ways.

Nine Star Ki can reveal how we view our selves, our world, and even if there is a discrepancy between how we really are versus how others see us. Everything in life boils down to relationships, so it is quite fascinating to see such an ancient system so elegantly pinpoint psychological profiles and use that knowledge to have more successful relationships, better communication and emotional stability with all who we interact with.

With modern technology, the world gets smaller and we all affect each other. We may know within seconds about something happening across the globe. In Nine Star Ki, we can often foresee or anticipate these events and they will sometimes play themselves out in every city.

Like other astrology systems, Nine Star Ki offers a “natal” type reading, as an overview of the person. Then there are also yearly and monthly forecasts which can make life seem rather fated. And yet, it is what we do with this information and these tendencies which can be called our Free Will.

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