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Games Apps for Children With Autism

According to the numbers released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one out of every 68 children in the US, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Various studies have revealed that a whopping 30% of these autistic children are unable to communicate their thoughts, wants and needs verbally.

If the CDC numbers are to be believed, more than 20,000 children will be born every year who will be diagnosed with autism and remain functionally non-verbal for the rest of their lives. But parents of such kids can take solace from the fact that games apps for children with autism, like “What’s the Expression” and “All Sorts!” provide them an opportunity to have a voice and express themselves. Inability to properly communicate usually has a significant impact on the quality of life, access to education, and development of relationships and social skills. Frustration caused from the inability to communicate may lead to negative behavior challenges.

The “What’s the Expression” and “All Sorts!” games apps for children with autism were developed from the basic desire to help kids who are unable to express their wants. Not only can children use these apps for face-to-face interactions, they can also use them to write, draw, and create. These games apps for children with autism can be used both at home and in school.

The advent of portable devices like tabs and smartphones has really changed much of autism education. Service providers can now deliver behavioral and educational services to autistic children in a far easier way. From iPads to touch screen devices, mobile computing has become cheaper, friendlier and universally available.

Various studies have claimed that as development of communication technology advances at an increasing rate every year, a child’s awareness and competence to use the gadgets also increases. The level of competence, in most cases, overtakes that of their parents. The increased use of technology has an implication on both educational and communicational practices. Kids today are “native speakers” of technology. And this includes children with autism as well. Those on the autism spectrum find it much comfortable to interact with the help of games apps for children with autism. Such kids are often visual learners with strong skills in technology. That’s a reason why they are more comfortable to use games apps for children with autism like “What’s the Expression” and “All Sorts!”

Apps are really showing the way for education to autistic children.

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