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Grow Healthy Food Such As Fish and Vegetables Using Aquaponics

Many of use consider growing vegetables in our backyard a process that uses soil and an abundance of water. This is not the case with aquaponics. This type of agriculture combines aquaculture and hydroponics.

Aquaponics is a symbiotic system which uses the waste water of marine animals to provide nutrients to plants in a grow tank. The roots of the plants are set in a grow bed and are provided water and nutrients from a tank containing fish such as trout or tilapia.

In this type of growing system the plants cleanse the water by using up the waste created by the aquatic life. This water is then sent back to the fish tank. This is a closed loop system and wastes very little water.

The fertilization needed for the plants is provided by the waste water created in the fish tank. Water will have to be added because of evaporation, but this will be much less when compared to a soil based agriculture system

This type of gardening will require no weeds to be remove. Weeds can be very harmful when starting a soil based garden. In soil based garden the weeds will have to be removed to ensure the desired results. Having weeds in you soil based garden will greatly reduce the growth potential of your vegetables.

Weeds use up the area you want your vegetables to grow in. weeds also use nutrients needed to grow healthy plants. Having weeds in your garden will also use up the water needed to grow health vegetables. Therefore these weeds will have to be removed. This will require work and the in many cases the use of chemicals. In an aquaponics garden this will not be the case. The plants in an aquaponics garden are grown in layer of water with a grow bed that stops the contamination of unwanted plants such as weeds.

You will be able to grow healthy plants in this type of system faster and in more abundance. This system of agriculture will also allow you to grow healthy fish such as trout or tilapia as a food source. The fish you decide to use will be determined by the environment you live in, Trout are a great choice for colder climate The tilapia is a great choice for warmer climate and are often used in commercial aquaculture operations.

There are many aquaponics systems you can consider. Having proving aquaponics constructions plans will help you to make the correct choice for your needs and the environment you live. There is much information on the internet about these systems. Some of this information will be free. The best advice likely cost you some money.

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