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Heaven on Earth Themed Weddings

Every great wedding starts with a great theme. You want one that is romantic, beautiful, and expresses the joy of the bride and groom. One theme that says all of this is “Heaven on Earth”.

You may be wondering how to go about planning a wedding with a Heaven on Earth theme. The one word that you want to keep in mind is “ethereal”. Everything about your wedding should be soft, delicate, and flowing, like you are floating on air. Once you get started, you will find that this is easier to achieve than you may have thought.

Colors will help to set the tone for your wedding. For a heavenly atmosphere, choose soft and peaceful colors such as white and pale blue. For an evening wedding, you can add in some touches of silver for more elegance. Your color palette can be used throughout your ceremony and reception to help express your theme and to unify all of the various elements.

The bride’s attire is the other main thing that helps to create the mood of the wedding, so you will want to find a “Heavenly” gown and accessories. Imagine yourself floating down the aisle instead of walking on the ground. Now picture the sort of wedding gown that you would wear as you waft along: that is the style that will work for a Heaven on Earth wedding theme. Sheer and ethereal fabrics such as chiffon and organza are ideal. Heavier styles like satin ballgowns, while gorgeous, do not fit the theme as well.

The bride will also want her accessories to help create a mood for the wedding. Everything should flow, so choose a long simple veil to wear for the ceremony. Delicate handmade wedding jewelry will also strike the right tone. You can even consider choosing wedding jewelry that is handmade with a few pale blue crystals to tie in with the wedding colors.

A beautiful idea for the wedding flowers is an all white palette. Look for flowers that are fluffy like clouds in the sky; white hydrangea would be a lovely choice. Baby’s breath may not top your list of wedding flowers, but it can actually be perfect for a Heaven on Earth themed wedding. Instead of using it as a filler, create tall displays with huge clouds of baby’s breath for a very light and airy effect. As an added bonus, it is a cost effective flower to use in larger floral arrangements.

For the rest of your wedding décor, use the light blue color to create a peaceful and beautiful environment. If it will work in your venue, a great look is to drape the ceiling or walls with pale blue and white fabrics. This is also a fantastic way to dress up the ceiling of a tent at an outdoor wedding.

Think about using music to enhance the atmosphere of your wedding. A harpist could be a wonderful choice for the ceremony and the cocktail hour. Of course, there are also plenty of songs with lyrics that are appropriate for a Heaven on Earth wedding. Now, I’m not saying that you have to do your first dance to “Heaven on Earth”, but if you are a big Belinda Carlyle fan, it might be just perfect!

Heaven on Earth is one of the most romantic of all the wedding themes. It will beautifully express your feelings about your love. Hopefully, your married life will be blessed with this same joyous feeling!

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