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How to Stick to Your Healthy Eating Plan

If you are on a diet or are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, temptation is your biggest enemy. Being on a diet means you agonize over everything you put in your mouth. Peer pressure to eat at fast food restaurants or pizza joints makes it even tougher. This can be very frustrating for the dieter. Don’t despair though. You can overcome these obstacles and learn how to keep others from leading you into temptation.

One problem area can be your job. If someone orders lunch for everybody, it almost always is unhealthy food. In meetings or seminars there are the inevitable doughnuts, soft drinks and cookies. Try to decline in the unhealthy food politely, and let the person is in charge of ordering know beforehand you would like something that is healthier. If a lot of food is provided, you can take your own portion, split in half, and save it for tomorrow’s lunch. Learning how to stick to your healthy eating plan means you must be resourceful.

Social gatherings are also a big source of peer pressure, especially if alcohol is served. Party food tends to be fattening, fried or laden with sugar. For the dieter, the situation is almost intolerable. For one, you don’t want to offend the host or hostess. You also don’t wish to appear unsociable. Now may be the time for a little white lie. You could say that you had just come from dinner with a client or that you are not feeling well and have an upset stomach. Do eat before going to such a social gathering. This will make it much easier for you to resist temptation. If you satisfy yourself with healthy food before going to these social gatherings, you have ensured that your caloric intake has been healthy and it will make it much easier for you to resist all the tempting foods.

Being on a diet is never easy. Temptation is all around you.

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