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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health Amid COVID Crisis

With 71,874 fresh cases on Feb 18, 2021, COVID-19 is just not ready to go away. And the problem is it is affecting not just physical mental but mental health as well. It’s been more than a year but COVID-19 is still bothering people across the world and posing serious threats to public health, with interventions such as quarantine, lockdowns, and social distancing causing an adverse impact on mental well-being.

According to a recent study, one in three adults is experiencing anxiety and depression related to COVID-19. In view of the association between COVID-19 and mental health problems, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published some guidelines to cope with stress during the pandemic.

Effective ways to cut down the risk of mental health related problems during COVID-19

  • Know about the possible symptoms of covid-19 and contact a health professional rather than panicking and starting self-treatment for COVID-19.
  • Keep handy complete details related to where and how to seek treatment as well as availing support services such as counseling or therapy
  • Don’t panic and take care of your behavioral health. It can help an individual think clearly and respond calmly to the emergency needs.
  • Don’t involve too much into watching, reading, or listening to unpleasant news stories, including those on social media. Focus more on entertaining yourself than hearing about the pandemic repeatedly. It can upset anybody, sick or healthy.
  • Spare some time for your wellbeing. Practice rejuvenation techniques like stretching, deep breaths, meditation or Yoga.
  • Take care of your diet. Eat healthy, home-cooked and well-balanced meals.
  • Exercise regularly and sleep well.
  • Stay away from excessive alcohol and drug use.
  • Pursue your hobbies. Allow time for activities you find pleasurable.
  • You may not be going out much but you can spend quality time with your family. Connect with people with positive vibes. Talk to them and share your feelings.
  • Social distancing measures are in place, but you have other means like social media, phone or mail to still socialize.

Covid-19 has devastated millions of lives across the world. It is time to think positive and take care of your mental health. It has a significant effect on one’s overall health and wellbeing as it affects how we think, feel, and act.

While these ways can help you keep calm and maintain optimum mental health during COVID times, some may experience anxiety, depression or other related mental health problems. Such people should seek prompt treatment at anxiety treatment centers California and anxiety clinics in California that are well-equipped to address their problems.

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