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OK Guys and Gals, Why Rnetwork?

OK, so in a nutshell, yes for the first time in banking history you could earn money while you sleep!

Our bank will share its merchant fees with its customers by giving you a piece of their fees when others swipe their debit card.

It doesn’t matter where or when they use it or what they buy. Imagine getting paid whenever they use their debit card or use Apple Pay straight from the app or whatever…

That’s correct, and not just on your team’s purchases and your entire organization but ALSO on free bank customers you refer if they only want to be free bank customers and not affiliates…

However, if you become a charter member you not only get to earn on your teams swipes but also their team’s swipes and their free customers swipes and so on and so forth and you also earn on your free customer’s free customers as well…

The potential to earn 100s possibly 1,000s of times per day is realistic because we all pretty much use our debit cards for groceries, bills, gas, munchies, breakfast etc. and you also save instantly on POS (point of sale) purchases when you swipe your debit card at over 300,000 locations.

Can you see now why there’s non-stop welcome shout outs on so many news feeds?

Its life changing and it’s never been done before. We’re not only attacking 2 major industries (MLM & Banking) we’re completely fully legally compliant based out of the US and available in over 82+ countries!

You want true life changing residual income?

We’re also on track for November 30th, 2019 launch of rPay!

This thing just keeps getting better and better!!

The FIRST integrated international payment system that allows charter members to Cash out anywhere in the world directly from your back office without the need of a Wallet, a prepaid card and in many cases, without a bank account!

This is a major stem. Join today!! Don’t sleep on this one, Friends! Seriously…


Donald Gaw

P.S. – Sign up as a Charter Member and get 3 new Charter Members to join you and you’re automatically qualified to share in the Company Wide Bonus Pool. Imagine, just 3 signups and you’re in the Global Bonus Pool. Oh… even though we’re in pre-launch until January, I’ve been getting paid every month by Rnetwork! This is NOT your typical opportunity!

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