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Popular PC Based Games Still In Vogue

For most people, PC gaming means investing into expensive hardware and peripheral devices, with which you can wage wars against aliens or build galactic empires. Actually playing games using your PC is not so elaborate. You don’t have to buy expensive graphic or gaming cards and have them installed into your computer system. Nor do you require high configuration systems to play your favorite game. In fact, many PC based games need standard, or just about ordinary, PC configurations for a reasonably good functioning. It is true over the years the market has been flooded with a plethora of gaming devices and consoles, which have become very popular amongst gaming enthusiasts and youngsters. There is also a lot of hype connected with specialized gaming sticks and mice, which tend to decorate the shelves of gaming shops the world over. It is true you can experience some real time gaming fun with these devices. However, you can still enjoy an exciting game by installing it on your PC without having to spend any extra amount. It is worth checking out a few PC games, which are still popular and played by kids and adults alike.


It is an adventure game based upon stealth and several types of puzzles. It has several levels, and you can jump long distances, stick on to walls, and use devices such as doors, switches, and weapons. The game entices players to stick around and use their imagination while opening doors and using weapons.

Rogue Legacy

A game that uses elements characteristic of Metroidvania games in which randomly generated castles invite you to explore them. The unique aspect about his game is the nature of characters associated while exploring the castles. They have characteristics such as abnormal stature, dyslexia, and nearsightedness. The game starts in a brutal manner, as you start exploring the castles, you start becoming addicted to it.

Faster Than Light

A much-acclaimed game of 2012, the game has a rogue like appeal about it, and involves a space ship which the player is supposed to command along with the crew. You can attach enemy space ships, trade with galactic visitors, and recruit new crew along the way. You have to monitor how long you have been using the ship and recharge for more power when the energy levels start receding.


A game known for reviving the old time classic action based PC games, it now includes a new setting in which the player follows a robot, and ends up in a world taken over by robots. The purpose of the game is to find out what happened to the humans, and how did they disappear.

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