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Re-Balancing the Energy-Field to Restore the Body’s Health

Energy therapy, also referred to as energy healing, spiritual healing or energy medicine is a branch of alternative medicine that proposes imbalances in the “energy field” within the human body results in illness. Therefore, any attempts to re-balance the energy-field can help restore the body’s health.

Proponents of this therapy reveal healing or treatment is about getting rid of blockages or negative energies in the mind. Furthermore, a subsequent episode of poor health and illness is advanced as a release of ‘contraction’ in the body and mind. Some modalities recommend further treatment to completely heal the condition in severe or persistent cases. Hence, the therapist would recommend conventional medicine.

Types of energy therapy

Energy therapy promotes the concept of a healer having the ability to channel healing to a person looking for help, using different methods, such as distant healing, hand-on healing and hands-off healing. Furthermore, energy therapy is non-denominational, meaning religious faith is not a prerequisite for receiving a cure.

Therapy can be distinguished between healthcare involving observable energy (Veritable Energy Medicine) and healthcare methods that invoke unverifiable or physically undetectable energies (Putative Energy Medicine).

· Veritable Energy Medicine (VEM)

Types of VEM include color puncture, light therapy and magnetic therapy. Generally, conventional medicine that uses electromagnetic radiation (magnetic resonance imaging or radiation therapy) is not advanced as energy medicine.

· Putative Energy Medicine (PEM)

Types of PEM include Bio field healing therapy where hands are used to modulate or direct “energies” that are believed to bring about healing. The technique includes Psychic healing, Spiritual healing, Therapeutic touch, Magnetic healing, Esoteric healing, Healing Touch, Qigong healing, Pranic healing, Reiki, Crystal healing, distance healing, Ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture.

Various terms have often been used to describe the putative energy fields, such as Prana, Qi (Chi), Mana, Vital fluid, Pneuma, Orgone, Odic force, etc. For example, Yoga is believed to alter the subtle pathways (the Prana) in the body. Nevertheless, yoga uses several actions like deep breathing and stretching that is believed to manipulate the energy.

Polarity therapy

This is a form of medicine that promotes the notion that the health of an individual is subject to both negative and positive charges within their electromagnetic field. As a result, polarity therapy is advanced as being capable of curing various human ailments, from cancer to muscular tightness. However, some recent research findings contradict the claims that polarity therapy does indeed treat disease, including cancer.

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