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Tarzan Games – Learn the Jungle Rules With Exciting Free Tarzan Games

The iconic adventure game of Tarzan has to be one of most played game on world. Kids love the attractive back grounds and fast action in different stages of this game as well. The storyline of Tarzan is quite simple and easily to follow, the hero moves through different parts of jungle to save his home the forest from the hunting team lead by Clayton.

The game comes with the different difficulty levels. The easy level is quite good for young kids to enjoy the jumps catching bananas and keeping the energy levels high. Tarzan’s friends in this quest are often his child hood friends like Turk. In different stages he must fight different animals and human enemies including Clayton, monkeys and some baboons.

Based upon the famous Disney creation Tarzan, this game is quite popular among kids around the age of ten. If you are planning to host any children party this can be a good party game as well to give them chance to enjoy some adventure without making mess.

The game features many interesting backgrounds like elephants walking or jumping from the trees over the water and ditches. The slippery tree rides might be quite close to the roller coaster ride too. Keeping control of such slippery ride is quite tricky one but if you end up maneuvering this reward and feeling of satisfaction is immense.

Tarzan’s fights with snakes, baboons, and tigers have to be quite dangerous one indeed. You learn the nature of different animals and even though the animals are all animations you will find yourself on edge of your seat while playing it.

The last part of the Clayton’s camp is quite interesting as well. Tarzan has to move among the different traps of the camp, there are different hurdles that one needs to cross to reach at the end of the game to come face to face with the Clayton. Interestingly fighting with the Clayton is quite easy as compare to the other enemies in the game.

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