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The Beauty Of Islamic Antiques!

Many people around the globe love art. Their love for art makes them travel to exotic destinations. Collecting artifacts and antiques is an expensive and interesting hobby. One of the most pure and propagated religions in the world today is Islam and Prophet Mohammed popularized this belief in various parts of the world. Just the way the religion has special characteristics similarly Islamic aesthetics are known for their ethereal beauty and classic look and feel.

Islamic antiques are very regal in nature. In fact if you are a keen observer then you will notice that Islamic antiques have a lot of floral motifs and you will never see the images of men/ women as it is considered a taboo. According to Islamic law a pictorial portrayal of animals or human beings is against the religion. A lot of geometric lines and shapes are present in Islamic designs.

Whenever you got to an art gallery you will see that Islamic art/ antiques clearly stand out and look very royal and distinguished. You will be right to see that the Arabic heritage has played a pivotal role in this sphere.
If you are wondering how Islamic art came into existence then you must know that the rich heritage has evolved over the years. It was influenced by the beautiful and timeless Roman art and later the Persians and Byzantines who also had an impact on Islamic aesthetics. The blend and fusion of different cultures makes Islamic art/ antiques one of the most sought after products today.

The uniqueness, flora and fauna, and interesting color combination contributes to making the Islamic antiques rare and extremely pricey. The skillful designs, amazing contours, and the blend of various cultures are the main highlights of Islamic antiques. So, the next time you want to procure something rare, unique, and timeless for your home then you should certainly try learning more about Islamic antiques and buy it from a respected trader.

If you are an ardent admirer of abstract art and embellishments then Islamic antiques are for you. Islamic architecture is known for its finesse and it has always been critically acclaimed throughout the world. History has played a pivotal role in shaping Islamic art and thus its beauty has withstood the test of time.

One of the best buys and undoubtedly a great gift for your loved one would be an Islamic antique, if art plays an important role in the person’s life.

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