The Essential Rugby Accessories

It is one of the toughest sports in the world. It is the predecessor of American Football, and some consider it even tougher than the great American sport. This is a well debated claim, but regardless of fan wars, it is true that ‘Rugby’ is one of the most rough games played in the field. Rain, hail, or baking sun; tough men and women battle it out for a grueling 90 minutes of play. This means that the players have to be able to physically 100% prepared for a most testing time – and that does not come easily. It is about long hours of training and taking precautionary measures on the field. Ask any sportsman, and he or she will tell you just how important protection from in-game injury is in any sport.

To prepare for the game, and for in-game protection, like any other sport, there are very specific rugby accessories. These range from guards, training equipment to field gear. Here is a quick look at some of the most essential rugby accessories –

Scrum Sled – This very essential training machine known in many names, but it is the same machine used in American Football training. The scrum sled is used to train players to ruck and scrum, understand body posture and dynamics, develop harmonized motion, increasing pushing power and strength, and train for the parts of the game called ‘Scrum’ and ‘Ruck’. With shoulder pads for opponents, and a heavy machine to push against, players can prepare for the real thing in the game – every rugby coach’s best friend.

Ball Bags – A simple training session may require more than 10 rugby balls at a time. This is why huge sack like ‘breathable’ or ventilated ball bags are among the essential rugby accessories. They can be bought to hold 10, 12, or more balls and are completely washable and easy to dry.

Goal Posts – Rugby goal posts are similar to ones used in American football, and they are padded in the same way. These pads need to tough and extremely protective, because there are many chances of high speed collision and impact with the posts while scoring.

The Headgear – Unlike American football helmets, rugby uses a softer cushion like head – guard. These are essential for players in the field, and among the most important rugby accessories. Injuries to the head could be severe, but the game doesn’t allow hard helmets, so these padded skull caps are used.

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