The Upcoming Etonic Bowling Shoes Collection

Bowling shoes are not the basic, clumsy piece of footwear that they used to be. There is a lot of time and money spent in designing new ones and, as a result, the bowlers are getting better and better due to the technology involved. Etonic bowling shoes are supposed to be the most comfortable bowling footwear that you can possibly buy and looking at them, they do seem padded and inviting.

Although Etonic have not been around for as long as many other companies, it has grown very quickly and are generally considered to be the second best manufacturer of bowling shoes in the world. As with other companies, it is always looking for ways to help the bowler improve their game and 2011 will be no exception.

The brand has a number of new products ready to go onto the market and it is expected that bowlers who wear Etonic bowling shoes will see an improvement in their game. A lot of the products will go off the market and the ones that stay will be the ones that customers have asked to stay. Considering the numbers of shoes Etonic produces, it probably spends more time manufacturing the more popular models and also developing new ones.

This will also increase profits, as if they make a lot of shoes that bowlers don’t want they will be left in the stores. New models however will be eagerly awaited and often snapped up as soon as they hit the stores. New items will be the E basic and E sports models. They will be designed to be wider near to the front while still making sure that there is a sufficient grip around the heel area.

There has also been a change of materials and the new product should be more comfortable, support the foot better, and also make sure that the feet do not get too hot. Etonic bowler shoes also have improvements regarding the slide. This will be smoother and give the player a better movement on the alleys as they bowl.

The sole of the shoe will have a special flex zone and this will be across the ball of the foot, as this is the area where the foot flexes. Anyway the shoes will feel more natural and allow the foot to flex as it would if a shoe was not being worn. The heel will have reduced friction due to the new design and this will mean that the slide will be the same game after game providing that the alley is the same.

This means that once you have got used to the shoe, you will know how much you need to slide each time you release the ball. etonic bowling shoes are helping generations of American bowlers play better than they would have been able to without wearing these shoes. They are now the official footwear of the PBA and as such, there will be many children who want the same brand, as they believe it will help improve their game.

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