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Understanding The Differences Between PS4 And Xbox Gaming Consoles

PS4 and Xbox are two of the most well-known video game consoles in the environment. Owing to their acceptance, quite a few persons you should not know the console that they should go for. Below is a comparison of the most important specifications that will aid you in building the right selection.


Xbox One particular and PS4 GPUs are technologically quite related on the other hand, the PS4 GPU is a minor bit much larger. In accordance to the creators, the Xbox GPU is comparable to the Bonaire GPU that can be located in Radeon High definition 7790. The PS4 GPU on the other hand is very similar to the one particular located in High definition 7870.

Creators of PS4 GPU say that the GPU is virtually 50% extra powerful than Xbox just one. This signifies that online games will have a lot of available graphics power on tap. Though, this is the situation, Xbox Just one has a a bit larger GPU unlock velocity.

Other than these distinctions, the two GPUs are identical as they are the two dependent on the Graphics Core Following (GCN) architecture so they have the ability of supporting OpenGL 4.3, Direct3D 11.2, and OpenCL 1.2.


Equally consoles have an 8GB RAM. PS4 has 5500MHz RAM when Xbox uses 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. Use of this form of RAM by PS4 presents the console a bandwidth benefit. For example, the PS4’s CPU and GPU will have 176GB/sec of bandwidth to program RAM, even though Xbox will only have 68.3GB/sec.


Just like GPU, both consoles have identical CPUs. Even though, the CPUs are virtually equivalent, they have a amount of discrepancies. For illustration, the PS4 CPU is clocked at 1.6GHz while Xbox is clocked at 1.75GHz. Since Xbox one particular has a more substantial room, it is really envisioned to be considerably faster.

Location up the consoles

It’s really straightforward to setup PS4 as you you should not have to go through the trouble of setting up a electricity offer brick all you will need to do is to plug the electric power wire from the PS4 to the wall and hook up the HDMI to your Television set. The fantastic facet is that PS4 is conveniently regarded by several TVs for that reason, you do not have to fiddle with configurations.

It can be also quick to set up Xbox one nonetheless, you have to offer with the power brick that needs to be positioned in a effectively-ventilated area in get to protect it from overheating. The electric power brick also gives the Xbox console an hideous appear.


These are the main dissimilarities involving PS4 and Xbox a single. Which is the best console for you?

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