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What Cost the Olympic Games?

While the Games create revenue for advertisers, media promoters, and games organisers they often result in poverty for many and worsening physical and mental conditions for some athletes. In recent weeks many past athletes have blown the whistle on doping by government induced coaches and doctors. Countries like Germany and the old Soviet Union were among the worst offenders.

While the Russian and some African athletes are highlighted as dope users there is so much hidden behind the scenes that one should not be taken in by pleas of innocence. In some countries it was normal practice for 8 year olds to be given drugs to enhance their performances but they were unaware that what they were forced to consume was harmful.

As their bodies developed some parts of it did not. In girls the uterus may have failed to develop properly and the end result was that later pregnancies produced undersized and often handicapped babies. Many other problems also resulted in later life.

Is winning a medal so important that lives have to be interfered with to this extent? In countries where politics is based on performance and strength it would appear that they are willing to gain it at any cost. The Soviet Union was one such nation as it showed how strong people were under communism.

In Brazil where the last Olympics has now ended the poverty among a huge majority of its citizens is outstanding. The city of Rio has no infrastructure to deal with human waste, slums pulled down to build stadiums left many homeless, crime is rampant, and while the country is bankrupt billions were poured into the construction of facilities for the Games.

How crazy is it when such things happen and the world tethers on the brink of destruction that the Olympic Games should happen at all? How sad is it that people have to turn to crime to earn a living? How pathetic that a few athletes are made more of than a country’s own people?

In four years’ time it will start all over again and where will the world be then? There is little doubt that we are in the end time with the last days looming. Major conflicts are already brewing, the people are fed up with crooked politicians, and the general unrest in every major country is swelling out into rebellions.

The prophecies in the Old Testament states that there will be signs of the approaching end and one of those is the Internet (Micah 4:1). My reincarnation proves how wrong religions are and the people who run governments are besotted with false images and man-made gods, just as in Rio where the huge monument to Christ the Redeemer throws its shadow over the city.

Such a creature never existed but it is promoted as the Savour while the real God, the Spirit of the Universe, is taking its revenge. That’s the cost of the idolatry and sun-worship behind the Games and all religions.

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