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When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

Since time immemorial, but especially since the abortion issue arose in the 1970s, the question has always been, when does the soul enter the body?

If you ask twenty people, you will get twenty different answers. Often times the answers are based on their political views, or someone’s rights.

All the great sages and mystics agree, the soul enters the human body at the moment of conception. As soon as the sperm meets the ovule, conception occurs. If and when you would stop and think about it, that is just common sense. Conception is the spark that lights the match. Everything that comes after that is a result of the initial act.

Without the soul the body could not function, or develop the thought process necessary to maintain a life. Without a soul, a human body is a unthinking lifeless form.

Most women instinctively know when they become pregnant, if there was no soul to communicate with, she would not know.

The soul does have a period of about seven weeks to decide if it wants to remain in the embryo or move on to a different reality, during that time, it is weighing all the options, and communicating with the parents so that all are on the same page, and each one has its consent taken into consideration.

If it decides to stay, then the process of transitioning from the ethereal world to the physical world begins, at that point in time the process is complete and the soul begins assimilating to its new body and life on earth.

Because we all have free will, and decide when and where to enter the physical life, we choose our gender when we enter the womb, it isn’t decided when we are in the ethereal world, it can only be determined shortly after conception.

Like all aspects of our life, gender is chosen by the individual, so the soul can experience the type of life it needs to evolve and find its way back to the God Source.

The soul, which is “Spirit” in the ethereal world, is actually energy and occupies very little space, it is very minute, and is capable of receiving guidance from our Super or Christ consciousness, it controls the whole body and everything we do.

In essence, the soul guides our every action, which in part are guided from our subconscious memories from the past.

Those memories are part of our mission on earth which is to not only settle our karma, but to chart a new course for the future where karma will no longer play a part in our lives.

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