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Heritage Health Products MLM – How To Succeed With Heritage Health Products

Heritage Health Products was founded by Karl Schakel in 1993. It sells a wide range of health and wellness products through the network marketing business model. This means that the products are not available to buy from the shops or from a company website, they are exclusively available from registered distributors. Distributors can build their own business by selling the products and by recruiting other distributors into their organization.

The Heritage product range is quite extensive, although the products themselves are nothing unusual in the health and wellness industry. They sell a high-energy gourmet coffee, aloe essence for immune support, anti-stress pills, vitamin and nutritional supplements, protein shakes, and products for weight-loss, heart health, cell protection, anti-aging, memory, mobility and detox, among other things.

The products are all tested scientifically and comply with the guidelines. The fact that the company is nearly 20 years old and still going strong also shows that it must be doing something right. However, the sad fact is that most people who sign up as Heritage distributors will still end up failing in their business.

This is because so many network marketers under-estimate the industry and think it is going to be easy. They don’t know the first thing about marketing or running their own business. People like this will follow bad advice, because they don’t know any better. They will focus on trying to sell to friends, family and neighbors, even though this business model has been shown to fail time after time.

If you want to see real success with Heritage Health Products then you need to take make sure you learn the necessary skill-set. This means learning how to use the telephone and the internet to generate hundreds of top-quality leads every single week, and add 2-3 people into your business every single DAY.

This is what all the top network marketers are doing in the 21st century, and it is the only way you will see real success with Heritage.

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