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Ten Ways to Find Alpha and Beta Games to Test

There are many different ways to find an alpha, beta or early access games. Let me share with you the ways that have worked for me:

1) Social media – You can find games by looking on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Pinterest. You will perform a search by typing in alpha games, beta games or new releases. If you are on these platforms, your friends may also be talking about these games. Go and see what their conversations are about to include screenshots of the game or video.

2) Steam is a platform where you buy games, connect with other gamers and even buy software. When you are on Steam, go to the store and search early access. If you want alpha or beta games, go to Steam Greenlight. This is where they are pitching the idea. Sometimes there are demos you can try.

3) Another way to find games in Steam is if you are in a certain group, if you or a friend is a friend of the developer. They can also tell you what they have available.

4) The same method in number 3 applies to the chatting platforms Slack and Discord. Discord is pretty new. Slack may be semi-new just in case you haven’t heard of those.

5) Don’t forget to check the Crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. When on these sites you can search for games. For example, if you go to, you would choose Explore. Then go to Categories. Once you choose Games there are different types of games. You will need to read through the different games and see if they have a demo to try. You may also get an opportunity to sign up for the alpha or beta game.

Another site that is not a crowdfunding; however it is a place to find games in the alpha, beta or early access stage is called IndieDB. You do not buy anything on here. (Similar to steam but no buying).

6) YouTube – Don’t forget to search. You may find games through your favorite YouTuber. Don’t forget the other video platforms as well.

7) For the reader, don’t forget to look at Blogs. Check gaming bloggers or even game news sites. There is a world of information they share to include links.

8) One simple way that you may not have thought of is to perform a Google search. Let’s face it; there are many people who still use search engines.

9) Last way is to go to Reddit. See if there is a game or art forum. If not, then perform a search.

10) Don’t forget the fun activities such as game events that are strictly for gamers. What better way to find out about new games on the horizon.

You can find alpha, beta and early access games virtually anywhere. Don’t worry about finding and playing every last one of them. Alpha and beta games will always come out. Every game needs to be tested before it is released. Until the day you leave this world, there will always be alpha and beta games. Do not neglect getting outside and getting some Vitamin D. Your computer screen does not count as Vitamin D. There will always be games.

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